Frequently Asked Questions​

  • Why 5G? How to activate 5G on your phone?

    5G (or fifth generation) is a super-fast and powerful technology that downloads, streams and connects devices at a pace you’ve never experienced before. With 5G, you can zoom through the digital world at lightning-speed!

    To activate 5G on your iPhone, you’ll need to follow these steps:
    1. Make sure your mobile device supports the 5G network
    2. Download and install the latest software update to your mobile device by going to Settings –> General –> Software Update
    3. Once the update is installed, open Settings –> Cellular –> Cellular Data Options
    4. Select Voice & Data or Cellular
    5. Tap your phone number, choose Voice & Data and select 5G from the list to activate.

  • What type of services you are offering ?

    Pre-paid mobility services, including local minutes, data and value added services

  • How I can get a FRiENDi mobile SIM?

    You can find FRiENDi mobile SIMs in Mobile 2000, Telefonati and over 2000 mobile phone and accessory shopsFind a store.

  • What are FRiENDi Plans?

    Please check our plan page

  • What is the validity of a plan?

    the plan is valid for 30 days

  • How many number I can buy?

    you can activate up to 10 lines.

  • What are the required documents to activate a line?

    Make sure to bring with you.

    Kuwait ID App.

    Your Civil ID

    or Passport

  • What is FRiENDi wallet?

    it is a wallet showing your line balance, and payment.

  • I want to join FRiENDi but keep my number, what should I do? (Mobile Number Poratbility)

    Just visit the nearest shop  and Our agent will assist you to bring your number to FRiENDi network .

  • What are the available denomination?

    FRiENDi is offering





  • Where I can find FRiENDi recharge cards?

    You will find our Cards in more than 2000 location in Kuwait. Store

  • How can I check my account balance?

    please dial *103#

  • Does FRiENDi Mobile Kuwait network coverage include the entire state of Kuwait?

    Yes, FRiENDi Mobile covers all areas in Kuwait.

  • If STC’s coverage in my area is weak, will it mean your coverage will be the same?

    Please let us know where your area and we is can answer you more specifically, call us on 156