Frequently Asked Questions​

  • What are the prices of FRiENDi Mobile plans?

    Our Plans suit your needs, check our plans page.

  • What are the “Booster” and how does it work?

    Our ‘Booster’ options were made to make sure that you will never run out of data or local minutes..
    For minutes boosters dial *301#
    For data boosters dial *302#
    For international boosters dial *304#
    Select your booster and enjoy our services.

  • If my plan is fully consumed, will my payment get changed to PAYG?

    Yes, it will be charged as PAYG.

  • When I buy a Booster, will I be using the remaining balance of my plan or the booster balance first?

    You’ll be using your remaining plan balance and then the Booster balance afterwards.

  • When will my Booster expire?

    Your Booster will expire on plan renewal date or when you’ve consumed all your Booster balance – whichever comes first.

  • How many boosters can I have at the same time?

    Customer can have multiple boosters at a time.

  • How much does a Booster cost?

    Please visit our plans page

  • What are the FRiENDi mobile PAYG charges in KWT?

    PAYG from FRiENDi to FRiENDi 20 fils/Min
    FRiENDi to another operator 45 fils/Min

  • How can I activate the international service?

    Dial *304# and check our flexi international minutes booster

  • What are the available denomination?

    FRiENDi is offering





  • Where I can find FRiENDi recharge cards?

    You will find our Cards in more than 2000 location in Kuwait. Store

  • Is the fair use policy applied?

    Yes FUP is applied for the unlimited on net call. 45,000 Minutes