Frequently Asked Questions​

  • What is your member care number?

    We are pleased to receive your calls on our member care number “156”

  • Where is your Head office?

    Shuwaikh- Free Trade Zone- Al Argan real estate company building- gate no.1

  • What are the working hours for Member Care?

    We are at your service 24h/7days

  • Do I get charged if I call 156?

    No, local calls for 156 are free, no matter which operator you are with.

  • Do your numbers start with 41?

    Yes, we are using a brand new dedicated number range starting with the number 4.

  • Are you owned by STC?

    No, we are an independent entity and we are only using the radio network of another operator, but all the other technical infrastructure and services are fully ours.

  • Do you have mobile application?

    Yes, you can download FRiENDi mobile App from Apple store, google play store and for Huawei.